Changing your perception of reality by
leveraging the power of mixed reality

Our Vision

In some ways, we are already living in the future. In others, we are mired in the past, that is why we at Oversight believe that we can bring you to the future by fusing machines data into different realities, therefore we focused on data fusion for a variety of professional & consumer applications.


Oversight platform is a software-based solution integrating with off-the-shelf XR devices in order to facilitate rapid deployment into any environment and reduce the total cost of ownership by optimizing the way you view your data at the highest levels of precision and speed.

Gesture Control

Real-Time Geo-Registration

Real World Fusion


Founding Oversight in 2021 allowed us to work together on our vision and build the reality we dreamt about. After years of supporting and building projects for major companies mainly in the homeland security market we decide to harness are knowledge and experience in order to change the operating perception of machines by their operators by integrating real-time data and third-party systems into a unified and effective operating world. By using XR devices we can enhance situational awareness, improve team collaboration, reduce time-to-target and achieve intelligent decisions. We are a team of expert’s software engineers exploiting breakthroughs in consumer and commercial technology to radically evolve our data management capabilities.

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