Spectator Camera#


What’s Included#

  1. ZED Camera (optional)

  2. Ruggedized USB-C cable (optional)

  3. Tripod for ZED camera (optional)

Installation Instructions#

  1. Open the tripod and place it in a corner of the room, adjust height to be slightly above eye level (~2m)


Make sure you place the tripod and camera out of the way of users inside Absorber Workspace

  1. Attach the camera to the top of the tripod by screwing it to the bolt at the top

  2. Point the camera to the middle of the intended Absorber Workspace

  3. Connect the ruggedized end of the USB-C cable to the camera and screw the two screws to its body

  4. Connct the regular end of the cable to one of the USB ports of the Compute Node


Spectator Camera aligned with QR#


After Enabling the Spectator Camera in the Views Screen the first user joined the room will see ‘camera loading’ that user should use his headset to scan the QR code above the Camera by looking at it from ~1m away. Once aligned the user will see a virtual model of the camera over the real one.