First Use#

  1. Choose an appropriate location (Refer to Room Setup)

  2. Position the Compute Node and Network Node in suitable locations

  3. Make sure the Compute Node has proper ventilation around its heatsink and fans (4)

  4. Connect the PSU to the Compute Node:
    1. Connect “+” to “V+”

    2. Connect “-” to “GND”

  5. Plug the PSU into an electrical outlet

  6. Plug the Network Node power adapter to an electrical outlet

  7. Connect the Compute Node ethernet port (3) to the Network Node LAN port (8)

  8. Power on the Compute Node by pressing the power button (1)


Absorber workspace is designed to operate in an offline enviroment (no internet connection). To run online, connect the Network Node WAN port (9) to the internet using an Ethernet cable.

Room Setup#


While inside the virtual workspace you will walk around to change your field of view and viewing angle. Clear the area of any tripping hazards and provide enough clear space to move freely

The headset continuously tracks the surroundings to maintain its position. Below are examples of things that can confuse the device and tips to improve tracking. None of the things listed here is fatal to the tracking, but reducing their size and number will enhance your experience.


  • Windows

  • Mirrors

  • White empty walls

  • Display monitor

  • Moving objects

  • Skintone colors


Add features to a the room such as posters on the walls, shelves and plants. You might want to add furniture that will not intervene with the free movement of users.


Similar-looking areas might create “wormholes” that confuse the headset, try to distinguish them by adding different features.


Some floors or paperwalls might look similar to skintone for the headset camera, if your hands seem to be disappearing, try and use a dark rug or move the kit to a room where the colors different.