1. Adjustment wheel - Turning the adjustment wheel counterclockwise extends the headband. Turning the adjustment wheel clockwise tightens the headband.

  2. Power button - Pressing the power button turns the device on. Pressing the power button while the device is on sets it to sleep mode. To turn the device off, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds or until all 5 LED indicators fade out.

  3. LED indicators - When the device is powered on, the LED indicators display the battery level. Each LED represents roughly 20% of the overall battery level. The battery is fully charged when all 5 LEDs are lit.

  4. USB Type-C charging port - The HoloLens 2 comes with a USB-C cable and an 18W charger. This port may also be used to connect the device to a computer.

  5. Overhead strap - The overhead strap is adjustable and may also be detached.

  6. Brightness buttons - The front brightness button increases display brightness. The other brightness button decreases display brightness.

  7. Volume buttons - The front volume button increases device volume. The other volume button decreases device volume.


Included in the kit:

  1. Carrying case

  2. Charger and USB-C Cable

  3. Microfiber cloth


To start the headset:#

  1. Take the headset out of its case by holding the top or side strap

  2. Press the power button

  3. Make sure the adjustment wheel is fully open

  4. Put on the headset

  5. Make sure the visor is pushed fully down and in

  6. if prompted for password, click in the password box, and type “Aa12” on the virtual keyboard, then enter.

  7. Look inside and note the address, headset Id is the last number.


Headset login screen#


Headset ready to connect. note the address in yellow, headset ID is 37 here#

To restart the headset:#

  1. Press the power button for 5 seconds until the light indicator turn off

  2. Press the power button once to turn the headset back on

  3. When asked for password, type “Aa12”

When finished working with the headset:#

  1. Take the headset off your head by holding the top or side strap

  2. Turn the adjustment wheel to fully open the side starps

  3. Press the power button once to set it to sleep mode. Pressing longer, will power off the headset

  4. Connect the power cable to charge the headset

Headset LED Indicators#

LED State


Scrolling center outward

Headset starting

Constant on

Headset is on and showing battery left (each light is 20% battery)

Turning off one at a time

Headset shutting down (long press on power button)

Turning off all at once

Headset going to idle mode (short press on power button)

all on ‣ one blinking ‣ all on

Battery critically low, charge your headset

scroll ‣ one blinking ‣ all scroll

Battery critically low, headset charging, do not disconnect

Headset Alignment#

Alignment of the headset allows for multiple users to share the Absorber Workspace. see Alignment options for more details.

Care Instructions#


Use only a microfiber cloth to clean the device.


Do not use alcohol based wipes or solvents on the display or sensors. The brow pad and headband may be cleaned using a microfiber cloth with mild soap and water. Never submerge the device in water or apply water directly to the device.


When taking the device off, fully loosen the adjustment wheel. Attempting to remove the device without loosening may damage the internal ratchet mechanism and break the inner band.

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