Absorber Control Panel#


  1. Double-click Absorber.exe on the desktop to open it

  2. Go to the Lobby Screen and create a new room by clicking “Add New”

  3. Create a room by entering its name (required) and description (optional)

  4. In order to add users, click “add”, select the headset identifier from the list, and enter username


Status Bar#

The status bar is located in the top right corner regardless of the screen you are in.

  • mainservericon Main server available

  • videoservericon Video streaming server available

  • geoservericon Layers (OSM, Custom layers) server available

  • interneticon Internet available

  • picuregalleryicon Open picture gallery folder

  • videogalleryicon Open video gallery folder

  • usermanualicon Open user manual (this document)

  • settingsicon Open settings screen


Lobby Screen#

Lobby Screen#

The Lobby screen shows all the available rooms to add users to. you can choose from existing rooms or create new room by clicking “Add New”

Room Screen#


Room Screen#

Add User#


Add user menu#


Adding multiple users#

To add a user, click the “Add User” button, type in the user name and select the headset Identifier from the drop down list. The Headset Identifier is printed on the headset itself and shown as the last number inside the headset starting screen. Headsets are identified automatically, if you cant find the headset in the drop-down list, refer to Troubleshooting You can add multiple headsets at once by checking their checkboxes to the left. Note that when adding multiple users the names will be set automatically (you can change it later)

Users List#


The users list shows the users currently in the room and their status as well as possible actions:


User name, click the name to edit


Headset Identifier


Device type used


Displays the signal strength (signalIcon), battery left (percent battery) and if it is charging (chargeIcon )


Can this user interact with the map (enable/disable spectator mode)


Toggle (click) this to start recording the Point Of View for this user,toggle again to stop and save the recording.


Recordings are stored in the Windows/Pictures folder

Live View

Clicking this will stream a Live View from this user headset to a new window, see: Views


Recording or streaming Live View reduces the headset frame rate and will cause small delays for that user

Delete (deleteIcon)

Remove the user from the Absorber workspace

Options (actionIcon)
  • Restart: Restart headset

  • Shutdown: Shutdown headset

Spectator Mode#




Not Active (Spectator)#

Spectator mode allows a user to see the map but not interact with it. To disable a users ability to interact with the map, click the control icon (spectatorIcon). In VR, the users hands will turn grey and he will not be able to move the map or interact with any assets on it. To re-enable interaction, simply click the icon again, the users hands will turn blue and will be able to interact with the map.


Views enable different ways to show the Absorber Workspace on a 2D screen. Available views are:

  • Orthographic view

  • Floating Camera

  • ZED View

  • POV


POV is activated for an individual user while all other views are activated from the “views” drop-down menu

for more details, go to Views

End session#

When pressing “End” at the top right corner, you are presented with two options

Close Room For All

This will end the entire session and will close the room. Note that if the room was not opened by you, it will not shutdown and the behaviour will be the same as “Leave Room”

Leave Room

This will only disconnect the users connected through the local machine and leave the room open for other users connected elsewhere. You will still se the room open in the lobby and will be able to reconnect to it.


Saving and Loading#

You can load and save your mission from the control panel (as well as the VR workspaces). To do so, click the “Missions” button and open the save/load menu. To save the current mission as a new mission, choose “New File” as the file name and type in the save name in “New File Name”. To load a previous mission, choose it’s name from the “File Name” list and click load. To override a previously saved mission, simply choose its name and press “save”.


Settings Screen#

The settings screen is for advanced configurations, the paths should remain as below.

Set Paths#

In the Absorber Control Panel, go to settings ‣ launcher and set the paths as follows:







Camera Mirror