Views enable different ways to show the Absorber Workspace on a 2D screen. They can be activated from the Absorber Control Panel


Spectator View#

Spectator Camera#

With the optional Spectator camera, enables a mixed view of the real world with the Absorber Workspace. Once enabled, the first user joined the room will see ‘camera loading’. If not aligned, or the alignment is off, the first user should look scan the QR code above the Camera by looking at it from ~1m away. Once aligned you will see a virtual model of the camera over the real one.

Learn more about the Spectator Camera

Point Of View (POV)#

Activated from the user actions menu. This view enables watching the point of view of a certain user.


Starting POV reduces the headset frame rate and can effect user experiance


Orthographic View#

Orthographic View#

Displays an orthogonal view of the map area


Floating Camera Widget#

Floating Camera#

Shows the Floating Camera widget which enable users inside the Absorber Workspace to display a view from a particular location and angle. Any user can change the Floating Camera widget location by grabbing it