Probable Cause


Map is in different location for different users

Failed to anchor automatically, not enough data

Rescan the QR code by looking at it from 0.5-1m away. If this doesn’t work, use manual alignment

Headset is not turning on

Headset battery empty

Ensure the headset is charged, refer to the headset documentation.

Headset keeps loosing tracking

Feature poor room

Refer to Room setup

Add User not available (greyed out)

No server is available

  • Restart the application

  • If the pproblem persists, oipen the settings and click “Default”, restart the application

No identifiers are visible in the add user menu

No connection to to the network node or no headsets available (powered on)

  • Check that the cable between the compute node and network node is plugged in.

  • Make sure at least one headset is powered on and displays the waiting for connection screen

Headset identifier is not visible in the add user menu (others IDs are available)

No connection to Headset

  • Make sure the headset is no more than 10 meters (30 feet) away from the network node.

  • Look inside the headset, make sure you see the “waiting for connection” screen and read the number displayed, check that the first 3 numbers correspond to the oversight network. the last number is your headset ID.

  • If you cant see the “waiting for connection” screen, restart your headset

No “waiting for connection” screen

Headset restarted or out of casting mode

  • If you see the “enter password” screen, type ‘Aa12’

  • If you don’t see the “enter password” screen, restart your headset

Computing node is not turning on

Wiring Problem

Refer to the computing node documentation to ensure that the computing node is wired correctly.

Map is not level in VR space

Sensor drift

Disconnect and reconnect the headset in the launcher

Launcher says “docker has not started”

Windows failed to load docker

Restart windows

Headset has a unique IP (e.g. 169.254.X.X)

Headset failed connection to network

Reset the network by disconnecting and reconnecting power to the case (note: this will kick any local users from the room, but will not close it)

One of the users doesn’t have a palm menu or, can’t scan the QR code

Multiple users joining at the same time, this might lead to an unknown behaviour of the system

  • Option I (recommended): Restart the room and add all users individually (without using the multiple-select option)

  • Option II (disencouraged): remove the user from the room and add him again

Hands stop tracking for some people

Headset cameras struggle to recognize hands

  • If using a long shirt, try and roll your sleeves up

  • Check that the background (floor, walls) is not close to your skin tone, see Room Setup