Quick Start#


If this is your first time using the system, proceed to First Use.

Power on the Headset#


Ready for connection screen, headset ID here is 37#

  1. Take the headset out of its case by holding the top or side strap

  2. Make sure the adjustment wheel is fully open

  3. Press the power button

  4. Put on the headset

  5. Make sure the visor is pushed fully down and in

  6. If the headset requires a password, type it (‘Aa12’) in the input field

  7. Make sure you see the ready for connection screen

  8. Your headset ID is last section of the IP address (e.g. 192.168.1.XX)

Start Absorber Workspace#

To start:

  1. Power on the compute node by pressing the power button (1)

  2. Double-click Absorber.exe on the desktop to open it

  3. Go to the lobby screen and create a new room by clicking “add new”

  4. Create a room by entering its name (required) and description (optional)

  5. In order to add users, click “add”, select the headset identifier from the list, and enter username, you can use the checkboxes to add multiple users at once



The headset is detected automatically, if you cannot find the specific headset identifier, check the Troubleshooting section.

Loading and saving missions#


On some secure deployements, saving is disabled

Once inside a room you can save and load missions with the “missions” button:


To load a mission open the missions menu, select a mission from the drop down menu and click “Load”


To save a mission, select “New File” from the drop down menu, type a name in the “New file Name” box and click “Save”


To delete a mission, select it from the drop down menu and click the trash icon, then confirm

Changing mission name

To change a mission name select it from the drop down menu and click the pen icon, type a new name and confirm



QR Alignment

After entering the Absorber Workspace, look at the QR code supplied with the system from a close distance (0.5-1m) in order to auto align yoursel with all other users. An align visual will apear on the QR code and the map will jump to its location from previous session


If the auto alignment fails, please go to Alignment options.


You are now inside the Absorber Workspace.